As a first-generation college graduate and proud mom, I reflected on how great it felt when someone believed in me and I was afforded an educational opportunity that changed my life forever.

It is paramount that we strive on giving back to our community and make a difference in the lives of others... here at Can Do 4 Real, we do it through fashion! Our purpose is to provide educational scholarships that will assist low-income first-generation high school seniors, who have been accepted into college. For every purchase, 5% of all sales go towards scholarships.

Positive words of expression can be a powerful tool when given the right confidence, support, and dedication. "Always believe in yourself and know that... You Can Do Anything you set your mind to and no one can tell you different. My Can-Do Baby is what you are and always will be”. Those very words influenced my daughter’s decision to further her education, now attending college. 

We hope that Can Do 4 Real inspires everyone to feel empowered and be the best YOU all day every day the Can Do 4 Real Way! 

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